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3 Tips Real Estate Professionals Utilize to Generate Leads

Explaining and describing your real estate service, with all of your features and benefits defines your skill as a Real Estate Professional. By having a distinct lead generating strategy, selling strategy, and closing strategy a real estate agent can create a sense of urgency within a seller or  buyer. In the real estate business, having the ideal training and coaching to generate real estate sales leads is of the utmost importance. Competition is tough, both offline and online. One of the reasons why it is important to start the business already armed to excel, or be ready to acquire the tactics, resources and skills is to ensure your potential to generate leads soon afterward. Although, generating sales leads from scratch can be a daunting task, it does not have to be that difficult. Even when you have an effective, high tech marketing applications and strategies in position, there is always something else to learn to be able to build and maintain a marketing advantage.

3 Ways for Real Estate Professionals to Generate Leasing Leads: Even if They Have ZERO Prospects.

If you are new to leasing there are so many options to generate great leasing leads. Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity. You can start leasing homes even if you do not have any listings. In my previous blogpost, I give some quick pointers if you are new to leasing, you can review the 5 baby steps  HERE . If you are new, you are probably looking for some tools to get your phone ringing off the hook. I previously wrote a post on how to market your leasing business, you can view that post  HERE . If you are looking for more ideas to market, that actually work to generate leads, Facebook, door hangers, and the IDX are the best ways to generate prospects even if you have zero clients. FACEBOOK CALENDAR: Facebook is a booming marketing tool but you must know how to utilize it. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding this platform. To be success it starts with building a business page and providing great Facebook content. Then you MUST build a calenda

3 Books Every Real Estate Professional Must Read if They Manage a Team

If you are new to leadership and you are looking for books that will help you in understanding how to become a great leader the following three books are an amazing choice. When I first got into leadership two of these books were suggested to me, and I currently pick them up from time to time as a refresher in building a strong team. The Customer Comes Second -  If you are looking for the perfect book about building a great culture, this book is amazing. I love the author’s philosophy on the importance of happiness in the workplace. I have found that shaming people to be better creates unhappiness and unproductive team members.   Bringing Out the Best in People - If you are looking for the perfect book about developing people individually, this is a great book. One of my favorite strategies is the concept of jumping on the bandwagon of team members who are going anywhere you want to be.   Leadership Coaching as a Strategy for Employee Development - If you are looking for

Are You Taxed Trying to Get Higher Levels of Engagement from Your Team?

If you are following the Leadership Engagement Process then you know that step two is coaching your team members to know their numbers. Step 1 can be found here: How to coach to your mission. In my next post, you will learn how to coach your team members to know their numbers. Knowing your numbers and your team member’s numbers are important to ensuring maximum productivity from everyone. Is every team member 100% engaged in their job? When your team members know their numbers, they are instantly more engaged in their job. In my next post you will learn how to look at each position, employee or contractor, and determine the numbers most important to track. To start the three numbers that report your productivity are your income, expenses, and profit. Every employee should have income they generate, expenses they cost, and profit they create. For every business owner it is important keep track of your income, expenses, and profit, per employee and

Values Goals Are An Entrepreneurial Way of Life!

What is a Values Goal ? I believe a lot has been written about setting goal yet I find many managers struggling to reach their goals. The values goal triangle has a specific design that pairs your personal values with the goals you are setting. Bottom line: understanding the values goal triangle gets you big results! Think about the many different areas of your life for which you are setting goals. Spiritual goals, personal goals, professional goals, customer service goals, vacation goals, financial goals etch… this list could go on and on. A values goal is set like any other goal but attached is one or more personal values. Values goals are affirmed out loud everyday until your affirmed values goal becomes a reality. A simple example of setting a values goal could be as follows: My personal values – Time with my family, excellence in all areas of my life, and integrity in my personal brand. One of my business goals – Coaching 30 clients who have prepaid 12 sessions in

The 3 Magic Phrases in Sales That Managers Often Forget

Leading Teams with the Right Words... When you are coaching your team especially in the real estate industry it is important to remember the Cycle of Resistance . Blaming, personal attacks, telling someone that they are wrong will never serve you. The first time the team member is blamed will be the time the Cycle of Resistance starts. It is ironic that Real Estate Sales Managers and Property Managers are often promoted to their position because of their ability to lease or sell homes, yet their skills of influence and overcoming objections don’t often promote with them. Managers seem to forget about the sale they need to make right in front of them.  This sale is to their team. In a professional since I like to use the terms “barriers and objections” interchangeably, in place of calling them “your team’s excuses”. What would you tell a customer if you were trying to close a sale? What would you say when they say to you, “I don’t have enough time to do XYZ to buy

The 3 Never-ever(s) of Sales Management in A Millennial’s World

  How to use social influence to correct bad behavior It was a regular Tuesday at the property management office. It was around Lunch time (I know because I remember how hungry I was). I was in an important one – on -one meeting with a leasing professional on my team. The backstory for the situation looks like this…… This individual had been having a hard time. Their numbers over the past month had been low, really low. Their attitude was even worse. They were spreading their negativity to other employees and not truly being the blessing. The blessing I know they can be. First, of all, I do not know if something was going on in their personal life, because with this particular employee, they are very private. There private-“ness” to me translates to professionalism and I like that about them. From the time I started my career in Sales Management I learned three things: 1.        Never {ever} correct anyone for their bad attitude – 2.        Never {ever} correct team is

Social Media Marketing is Dead Social Team Engagement is In

Social Media Works Best to Engage Your Team! Gary Vanderchuck, Grant Cardone, John Lee Dumas, and even Yes Pat Flynn have you working hard for them, but not yourself. Social media has become virtual reality where people can escape from their real lives and hide from work. There is no substitute for actual hard work!  Two days ago I caught a team member browsing facbook and I just simply asked them what are they working on? Their response was slick, “Social Media Marketing.“ How much money are you really making with social media marketing? Really ask yourself. Social Media is dead! Completely dead! It is a waste of time, energy, effort, and resources? Do you really think you are winning customers looking at cat videos and/or marketing on facebook, twitter, linkedin, or any other social media platform? Do you think you are gaining customers playing Pokemon’ Go? Media is media and the big media giants still control the audience and the attention. Stop thinking that you a

How Do You Approach the Change to Leading On-Line?

At 7:00 am I posted a video for my sales team to watch. At 7:15 I asked the question, “What are your current goals for today? How many? By When?” This type of communication used to require me to drive to the office, hold a meeting, ask in person or wait for a response via email. At minimum It would require everyone to dial into a conference call. Because of the nature of email, I may or may not have received a response. Now with a quick “post” my sales team is motivated and committed to their goal for the day. These this type of cultural leadership changes have freed up the most valuable resource I have as a leader, time. In 2015 there was a white paper entitled Motivational Drives of Content Contribution to Company- Versus Consumer- Hosted Online Communities, and the authors wrote, “The results reveal that opinion leadership, self-presentation, and enjoyment positively affect content contribution; altruism negatively affects content contribution. In company-hosted online c