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Social Media Marketing is Dead Social Team Engagement is In

Social Media Works Best to Engage Your Team!

Gary Vanderchuck, Grant Cardone, John Lee Dumas, and even Yes Pat Flynn have you working hard for them, but not yourself. Social media has become virtual reality where people can escape from their real lives and hide from work. There is no substitute for actual hard work! 

Two days ago I caught a team member browsing facbook and I just simply asked them what are they working on? Their response was slick, “Social Media Marketing.“ How much money are you really making with social media marketing? Really ask yourself. Social Media is dead! Completely dead! It is a waste of time, energy, effort, and resources? Do you really think you are winning customers looking at cat videos and/or marketing on facebook, twitter, linkedin, or any other social media platform? Do you think you are gaining customers playing Pokemon’ Go?

Media is media and the big media giants still control the audience and the attention. Stop thinking that you are Frank Kern, those days are over. Today is it even easier to be successful than the past if you just work! Social media has everyone’s attention while I am being productive. You now have to pay for influence through “social media platforms,” it is no longer PR of course you can get your message out to your “network” (like mom and dad actually care about your e-course).

There are 4 reasons social media experts have it all wrong!

Nothing about social media is free – If you need to write a press release, then write one and send it to the media giants and have them publish it, they still distribute the “news!”  Time is expensive. To get the type of exposure you want and need to make a real impact requires paying for attention. Your time invested in social media however to engage your team is not. They are already paying attention to you. You can deliver value to your team on a regular basis through social media and this time will be well invested. 

A high number of click throughs means nothing and are expensive – Telling me that you have 100,000 people click though to your page translates in my head to “Neat.” What would tell me something is if your team had just posted in the company’s community how many actual applications they took for that day. Seeing success is one way to motivate the rest of your team. Posting a sales training for your team to watch and counting all 7 views means something. If you have 10 team members, why did the other three team members not watch the video?  “The metaphor of listening can offer a productive way to analyze the forms of online engagement that have previously been overlooked, while also allowing a deeper consideration of the emerging disciplines of online attention” (Crawford, 2009). These views become your ability to listening to your team. Are they engaged, is your development working, is social development expected, and do you see improved results are all questions that can be quickly measured. 

 People interact off line and talk about it “share it” on-line: Social media is almost a measure of people’s subconscious thoughts. What is your team sharing online about their work life? Think about this in reverse, if your husband (or wife) was posting about, “Think good its Sunday, I get to get away from the family and go to work, I hate those people, after this family function I need to go get drinks.” As their significant other how would you handle this? “Knowledge sharing is an interaction between contributors and recipients. To facilitate this activity, the participants must be motivated to share” (Wesley, & Yu-Hao, 2011).   You don’t need work place satisfaction surveys to measure engagement, look at what your team is posting. 

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The highest return of your time is in developing your team, not tweeting: There are some personal development trainers out there that say you should be getting your hustle on, grinding, or producing content. The best thing you can do when you are doing this is pouring into your team positive message that uplift, inspire, and skill up your team’s skill. I don’t really care of the masses read this post I only care that a couple of managers on my team read it and begin to embrace this team development through social media. In a 2010 study published in the International Coaching Psychology Review, “Participants that had received developmental coaching had higher levels of self-efficacy than the control group of participants who had not received coaching” (Leonard-Cross, 2010).

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Nathan Bush, MBA, NALP is the leadership and influence expert for real estate professionals. He is the Senior Property Manager for Affinity Property Group and a licensed Missouri Realtor. Nathan’s book Leadership Coaching as a Strategy for Employee Development serves real estate professionals and property managers to break the “Cycle of Resistance” facing their organization. For more information and download his book for free.

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