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3 Tips Real Estate Professionals Utilize to Generate Leads

Explaining and describing your real estate service, with all of your features and benefits defines your skill as a Real Estate Professional. By having a distinct lead generating strategy, selling strategy, and closing strategy a real estate agent can create a sense of urgency within a seller or  buyer.
In the real estate business, having the ideal training and coaching to generate real estate sales leads is of the utmost importance. Competition is tough, both offline and online. One of the reasons why it is important to start the business already armed to excel, or be ready to acquire the tactics, resources and skills is to ensure your potential to generate leads soon afterward.
Although, generating sales leads from scratch can be a daunting task, it does not have to be that difficult. Even when you have an effective, high tech marketing applications and strategies in position, there is always something else to learn to be able to build and maintain a marketing advantage.
To generate quality leads, ensure you first take time to learn proven, effective and successful strategies. It is not necessarily sufficient that you have the expertise and the proper tools. You furthermore need to understand that selling real estate property is mostly about trust and the rapport you have with your clients. 

When you are friendly, open, approachable and sincerely value your clients best interests more than anything else, people will discover and respond to that. 

The following are 3 techniques the pros utilizes to generate leads:  

  • Coaching: Exploit Real Estate coaching and lead generation strategies sessions. Coaches can range in price from $50.00 per session to $250.00 per session. Take the initiative to seek out coaches who can help you become a successful Real Estate Professional.

    A coach can recommend things like a that provides 1). EXPIRED listings with cell numbers and email addresses every day, 2). FSBOs leads with contact info, 3). POWER DIALER - cloud based! 4). TEXT2SELL Lead Capture, 5). VIDEO EMAIL, and 6). CAMPAIGN MANAGER for your Database and Leads. You can get this tool:  
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  • Reports: One strategy that most real estate agents are adopting is the use of pre-written real estate marketing reports. To be able to build your business, you absolutely need up-to-date materials that help can you stand out. You can also use your pre-written real estate articles as newsletters, drip email campaigns, web site content and more.

Pre-written reports can offer outstanding content at affordable prices in lightening quick time. You can allocate a day writing a top notch article or to purchase catchy one that is ready for use in about 5 minutes for $5 - $10.
Utilize a service like (Referral Link)
  • Direct Mail Postcards: The post office has currier routs that helps reduce the cost of ‘good old’ direct mail. You can target your specific zip codes, and farm areas. Make sure to clearly identify the needs you feel you clients will have, and describe how your service will solve them. Make sure that you work your farm for 6 to 12 months before giving up on your direct mail campaign. With marketing consistency in these markets can be the difference between success and failure.  

Real application of what you learn or purchase is vital. So practice what you learn, make use of the resources and materials purchased and see how it goes. 

Keep in mind that any business requires a degree of people relationship and communication skills . Utilize every opportunity to gain knowledge and trend information from other expert Real Estate Professionals whenever you can.

Nathan is the President of Priority Investing, LLC. a numbers driven Coaching Firm in St. Charles, Missouri. Nathan holds an MBA with an emphasis in accounting from Keller Graduate School of Management and a B.A in Nonprofit Management from Lindenwood University. In addition to his degrees, he holds a Missouri Real Estate License and a National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) certification. He is currently a member of SCORE which is a nonprofit organization that serves to mentor start-up and growing businesses. Lastly, Nathan wrote the book Leadership Coaching as a Strategy for Employee Development and has been a guest speaker and facilitator at national conferences on the topics of leadership.

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