Values Goals Are An Entrepreneurial Way of Life!

What is a Values Goal ?
I believe a lot has been written about setting goal yet I find many managers struggling to reach their goals. The values goal triangle has a specific design that pairs your personal values with the goals you are setting. Bottom line: understanding the values goal triangle gets you big results!

Think about the many different areas of your life for which you are setting goals. Spiritual goals, personal goals, professional goals, customer service goals, vacation goals, financial goals etch… this list could go on and on. A values goal is set like any other goal but attached is one or more personal values. Values goals are affirmed out loud everyday until your affirmed values goal becomes a reality.

A simple example of setting a values goal could be as follows:

My personal values – Time with my family, excellence in all areas of my life, and integrity in my personal brand.

One of my business goals – Coaching 30 clients who have prepaid 12 sessions in advance.

A values goal of mine reads- In order to spend more time with my family, I demand of myself 30 coaching clients that pay upfront for 12 sessions. Each client raves about my service and is coached with excellence to excellence. My brand built around integrity requires that each client receives 12 life altering coaching sessions that improve their energy, happiness, and financial success.

A values goal is a goal that is based on your personal principles or standards of behavior. This includes your judgment of what is important in your life. The values goal triangle was originally developed for my own personal use. As an avid goal setter, I wanted to understand why some of the goals, I set, are not reached. I also wanted to understand why some of the goals, I set, are reached with little effort.

After years of researching and refining goal setting, many of my coaching clients wanted my simple tool that helped me understand how to set goals that are fulfilling and rewarding. Setting a vales goal is ensuring a fulfilling life. Otherwise you can reach your goals but your success will be empty. I once read, “What does it profit a person to gain the whole world, yet lose their soul?”

What is the difference between a values goal and an affirmation?
Values goals are a special type of affirmation. Understanding values goals helps you set your goals and anchor them to your values.  You can improve your ability to lead using values goals, because your team will feel the deep connection between your goals and your core. Values goals are goals set with integrity because they must be accomplished.  They are a discovery process that measures your priorities, character, and relationships.

Said simply, values goals are a combination of your values and your goals. Goals are a combination of your objectives and your time management. Time management is a combination of time and management.

On the other hand, values are a combination of your objectives and your ethical foundation. Your ethical foundation is a combination of the scopes you agree to complete and the costs to complete them.

Lastly, objectives are formed from the combination of what things costs you and how long it takes to complete them. The two components of your objectives are your philosophy of costs and your philosophy of how you value time.

The four foundational components of your values goals are your philosophies surrounding management, time, cost, and scope. To determine your philosophies you simply ask yourself the following questions for each of the foundational components:
“What does the word ‘management’ mean to me?”
“Why is time important to me?”
“What does this goal or decision cost me?”
“What scope is being asked of me and what scope am I asking of others?”

Once you understand the four foundational components of values goals, you will want to explore the three systems that ensure your values goals are accomplished. The three systems that ensure accomplishment are your ethical foundation,  objectives, and time management systems.