3 Books Every Real Estate Professional Must Read if They Manage a Team

If you are new to leadership and you are looking for books that will help you in understanding how to become a great leader the following three books are an amazing choice. When I first got into leadership two of these books were suggested to me, and I currently pick them up from time to time as a refresher in building a strong team.
  1. The Customer Comes Second -  If you are looking for the perfect book about building a great culture, this book is amazing. I love the author’s philosophy on the importance of happiness in the workplace. I have found that shaming people to be better creates unhappiness and unproductive team members.  
  2. Bringing Out the Best in People - If you are looking for the perfect book about developing people individually, this is a great book. One of my favorite strategies is the concept of jumping on the bandwagon of team members who are going anywhere you want to be.  
  3. Leadership Coaching as a Strategy for Employee Development - If you are looking for a book about engaging employees, this book is perfect. This book explains, “The Cycle of Resistance” facing managers today. If you cannot get your team to adapt and change with the demands of your business, this book is perfect for you.
Whether you are building your culture, trying to motivate your team, or  wanting to ensure your team is engaged and ready for the ever changing marketplace, these books will help you lead your teams through plateaus you will hit in leadership.