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You Were Born To lead

I believe you were born to be a leader and possess all the necessary skills and traits. You are also correct to believe that you have a lot of work to do, and this site is an interruption in your time. You should be assured this site is worth every second you spend reading, and I will prove it to you. In a recent study of the return on investment of investing in leadership training, participants found for every $1 in value paid the return was $6 in tangible benefits (Rhos, 2015). This means that if your time is currently worth $20.00 per hour and you study this information for 10 hours you would have invested $200.00 worth of your time into this information. According the Rhos’s study, the benefits you will receive will be greater than or equal to the value of $1,200.00. Would you invest $200.00 to make $1,200.00, if you had 0% risk of losing the money?  I know I would take my chances with that investment everyday of the week.  I have been called,  "A Great Man

The 4 Steps to A Cost Renovation

Grant Cardone sales trainer, radio host, real estate investor, and business coach is known for his statement, “Price is a myth!” He would be right. Price is a myth but costs are real and a fact. As a leader you are either controlling costs or costs are controlling you. Organizations today are very focused on cutting and controlling expenses, but what they should be focused on is controlling costs. What Does Your Decisions Cost? That is the question that every leader must ask themselves. When you are making decisions, you must consider all the costs. For instance stealing from your company may fill a short term need, but what is the cost to you if you are caught? If you are caught you could lose your job, increase stress in your life, and be arrested. The 4 Steps to a Renovation In the long term there are high costs associated with making bad short term decisions today. Just like your need to conduct renovate your time management plan you may need to undergo a cost renovation.

3 Types of Motivations that Real Estate Professionals Feel with a Team Scoreboard

Are you utilizing a team score board? If you are following the Leadership Engagement Process you know the following steps are important to engaging your team?   Step 1 is for every position to know the company mission and the mission of their job. Step 2 is for every position to know their number. Ensuring each team member has a one number they are personally responsible to measure is very important. You should give them one specific goal based on this number.   Step 3 is for every position to know their score. The Leadership Engagement Process utilizes a team scoreboard. This scoreboard is imperative in engaging your team members. Real Estate Managers, Brokers, and Realtor leaders can not effect behavioral changes their staff unless the staff member knows what the target is for every day, week, month, and quarter. Your scoreboard should be broken down into three parts a top, a middle, and a bottom. The top of the scoreboard should be your manager's te

3 Books Every Real Estate Professional Must Read if They Manage a Team

If you are new to leadership and you are looking for books that will help you in understanding how to become a great leader the following three books are an amazing choice. When I first got into leadership two of these books were suggested to me, and I currently pick them up from time to time as a refresher in building a strong team. The Customer Comes Second -  If you are looking for the perfect book about building a great culture, this book is amazing. I love the author’s philosophy on the importance of happiness in the workplace. I have found that shaming people to be better creates unhappiness and unproductive team members.   Bringing Out the Best in People - If you are looking for the perfect book about developing people individually, this is a great book. One of my favorite strategies is the concept of jumping on the bandwagon of team members who are going anywhere you want to be.   Leadership Coaching as a Strategy for Employee Development - If you are looking for

8 Things Real Estate Professionals Need to Know About Engaging People

Are you too hard on your staff? The answer to that question is likely, yes. If you are anything like me, you want more for your team than they often want for themselves. Engagement is an interesting word. Think of a couple getting married, “Engagement.” Why do we call a proposal, “Getting engaged?” What does it take for people to, “Get Engaged?” In 2010 I proposed to my wife. First, we met, then we dated, then we kissed, then we got engaged. During that period of time, I was totally focused on her, and she was totally focused on me. Anything she needed, I moved heaven and earth to be there for her. I utilized positive language, we spent time together, I gave her gifts, I also met the people she cares about most in her life. After we did all that, we finally got engaged. Think about this for one second, are you engaging your team all wrong? I know, we often like to think that we hire people who are smarter than us, you may even be thinking, I hired you to do XYZ. It’s y

Are You Taxed Trying to Get Higher Levels of Engagement from Your Team?

If you are following the Leadership Engagement Process then you know that step two is coaching your team members to know their numbers. Step 1 can be found here: How to coach to your mission. In my next post, you will learn how to coach your team members to know their numbers. Knowing your numbers and your team member’s numbers are important to ensuring maximum productivity from everyone. Is every team member 100% engaged in their job? When your team members know their numbers, they are instantly more engaged in their job. In my next post you will learn how to look at each position, employee or contractor, and determine the numbers most important to track. To start the three numbers that report your productivity are your income, expenses, and profit. Every employee should have income they generate, expenses they cost, and profit they create. For every business owner it is important keep track of your income, expenses, and profit, per employee and