5 Baby Steps For Real Estate Agents to Attract Clients!

There is beauty in Real Estate. Specifically, because the population is growing.  In Real Estate you can receive steady income that you can accurately predict and rely on, unlike typical sales roles. 

To attract the best clients and make the top dollars you have to start with focusing on becoming a top producing Real Estate Agent.  

There is any number of books and references on selling but not much available on the topic of attracting a Real Estate clientele. In Real Estate the skill of persuasion is one you must develop. 

To get started there are 5 baby steps that you must take to begin a career.

  1. Read books on influence, persuasion, marketing, and asset management  

  2. Write down and affirm your success, “I am closing 35 homes per year”

  3. Find an agent with a lot of listings you connect with 

  4. Find a mentor to show you the way 

  5. Associate with others who are currently successful in Real Estate

Getting your Real Estate License can be the better avenue when starting in real estate.  You can take online prep courses that get your ready for the Real Estate Licensing Exam.

The prep-course I recommend is: CLICK HERE

It takes less money to get started than buying property. You do not need a big marketing presence to get results.  According to a recent article I read about success in real estate “to be successful requires skills all of us have or learn  honesty, phone technique, team closing, follow up, and terminology (SAMSUDEAN, 2013).” 

How much can you earn? That is up to you. Most closings result in 25% - 30%  of the 2% - 10% commission on the home transaction. That means if you are responsible for 2-3 closings per month you could be earning upwards of $70,000- $80,000 per year or roughly $6,000-$7,000 per month (St. Louis, MO). This is out there for the ones willing to get after it and put in the hard work, develop the leads, make the calls, and show up. 


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