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3 Books Every Real Estate Professional Must Read if They Manage a Team

If you are new to leadership and you are looking for books that will help you in understanding how to become a great leader the following three books are an amazing choice. When I first got into leadership two of these books were suggested to me, and I currently pick them up from time to time as a refresher in building a strong team. The Customer Comes Second -  If you are looking for the perfect book about building a great culture, this book is amazing. I love the author’s philosophy on the importance of happiness in the workplace. I have found that shaming people to be better creates unhappiness and unproductive team members.   Bringing Out the Best in People - If you are looking for the perfect book about developing people individually, this is a great book. One of my favorite strategies is the concept of jumping on the bandwagon of team members who are going anywhere you want to be.   Leadership Coaching as a Strategy for Employee Development - If you are looking for

8 Things Real Estate Professionals Need to Know About Engaging People

Are you too hard on your staff? The answer to that question is likely, yes. If you are anything like me, you want more for your team than they often want for themselves. Engagement is an interesting word. Think of a couple getting married, “Engagement.” Why do we call a proposal, “Getting engaged?” What does it take for people to, “Get Engaged?” In 2010 I proposed to my wife. First, we met, then we dated, then we kissed, then we got engaged. During that period of time, I was totally focused on her, and she was totally focused on me. Anything she needed, I moved heaven and earth to be there for her. I utilized positive language, we spent time together, I gave her gifts, I also met the people she cares about most in her life. After we did all that, we finally got engaged. Think about this for one second, are you engaging your team all wrong? I know, we often like to think that we hire people who are smarter than us, you may even be thinking, I hired you to do XYZ. It’s y

3 Ways Real Estate Professionals Engage Their Team Through Numbers

Real estate organizations need to lead their people by the numbers. We are often disengaged when we are given a job without direction. The numbers you give your team members to reach offer them purpose and meaning.   Research from a popular 1981 article entitled, How to Retain Real Estate Sales People, expresses how real estate brokers and managers believed that money was the only important motivator for salespeople. This could not be further from the truth. The biggest mistake Realtors make, when attempting to engage and retain talent, is thinking retention is based on income or pay. Retention comes when a staff member is fully engaged.  Engagement happens when managers follow the Leadership Engagement Process and the second step is ensuring the entire staff knows their number. Each position within the organization should be measured with a number.   The biggest mistake successful Realtors make, once they figure out number measurement is thinking that every p