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Attracting Successes

Are you attracting successes to you?  

Science has an explanation for understanding the harmonizing of desires that some call luck, coincidence, or manifestation of desires.  Atoms are made up of neutrons, protons, and electrons. Those units of matter are made up of quarks. Quarks have different important properties. These properties consist of electric charges, mass(weight), color charge (energy with different combinations), and spin (vibration). These units of matter are held together through electromagnetism. 

"All matter at its basic units are energy, frequency, and vibration." Nikola Tesla. 
Why is this important? 
In relation to becoming the best version of yourself, thoughts are electrical waves in the form of frequency. Frequency carries information. Think for one second about a radio frequency. 

Now in relation to becoming the best version of yourself, your "being" does not see with your eyes your "being" sees through your eyes. 
Your "Soul," your "Being," or "Who you are" is that consciousness that sees. That consciousness is still available when you close your eyes. You can think about your head, heart, belly, or feet. You can move that consciousness from head to toe and back. You can move that same consciousness outside yourself and to your surroundings. You can imagine your room, imagine a tropical island and be there, at least in thought. 

You can do this over and over again with your eyes closed. Those thoughts are electrical waves vibrating at frequency carrying information. This is how habits are formed. These thoughts repeated over and over again fire and wire together creating "memory."
Now that we understand that the electrical charge of thoughts is the same basic foundation of all existence. These thoughts are powerful because they carry the same substance that your "being/soul" is made of (Electromagnetic Energy). 

The vibration of this thought can be tuned! They can be turned into the things you want or the things you don't want.

Here is how to understand thought tuning. Our thoughts create our feelings. You can choose how you feel based on different thoughts. For instance,  think about the last success you had. Something that went right! If you don't have anything you can even make something up. Repeat it over and over again to yourself. Then repeat it out loud? Now say it with emotion "Louder and with energy." How do you feel? 
People do this all the time. Think of the stories you repeat in your daily life. The ones you repeat over and over to your friends and family. They are the same stories that are shaping the habits of your thoughts. They are the same stories that are reminding you how your body should feel. 
Those feelings came from thought. If this is true, then you can choose your feelings. These feelings that you have of uncertainty, lack, broke, lack of confidence or unsuccessful are thought vibrations that you are standing in vibration (harmony) with. If you want to change the things that you are attracting into your life you first have to change the thoughts that you are having. 

This is why it's important to hold the thoughts and feelings of how we want to feel not feeling the way we don't want to feel. Harmonizing with the feelings we want starts with first thinking about what we do want and not what we don't want. Next, repeating and preparing for what we do want. 

Lastly, saying out loud and telling stories of what we do want and not what we don't want is important if you want to harmonize your mind with and allow into your life success.


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