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A Problem with Passion?🔮

Do you or your employees struggle with enthusiasm or passion for the job? 🤷‍♀️

If your company is like most, then you might have some employees going through the motions. Passion is not something that just happens to your employees or yourself it is a planned operation. 👨‍💻👩‍💻

Are you planning for passion development? You should be. Lack of passion leads to underperformance. Just as you have a plan for how you are going to market you business you should have a plan for how you are going to build passion in your company.

There are four ways to build passion in your organization: developing a strong mission, building a training program, including your employees in goal setting.

🥇Developing your mission!

What is your company’s purpose?

Maybe you don't own the business, that's okay. You can have a team mission. Why do you exist?

If you do not have something to live for then you merely existing, not living? Having a strong mission is one of the biggest builders of passion in any organization. Many for profit companies could take a cure from the not-for-profits.

People who work in the nonprofit industry have amazing passion for their mission. Your mission should be instilled during your formal training programs.

🥈Building a training program!

When I was working for the YMCA of Greater Saint Louis one of my main projects was to compile research into understandable charts that show the efficiency and profitability of the training program.

From my research the YMCA was able to determine that training (Formal) training:

- Improved employee retention rates
- Improved employee moral
- Improved the number of customers
- Decreased customer un-happiness
- Helped raise more money.

All in all I would say, training improves passion!

What is your training program like?

During formal training your company has the perfect opportunity to include employees in company goal setting.

🥉Including your employees in goal setting!

By including your employees in company goal setting you shape the future of your organization, get buy in, improve passion, and help your employees understand goal setting.

You create an environment of creativity that will help fuel your organization.

🎯Having employee buy-in improves the passion they have for the organization. Goals help them feel like part of the team and that they belong.

🧩Where do you belong?

Every time you make progress towards your goals you are remaking yourself!

When you feel "that way😞" you are "that way 😞." To move away from attracting more of how you currently feel, you first have to feel how you want to be, first😁!

👉 You feel it first and expand that feeling into your day!

🧠 The mind is an amazing thing. "Emotion/feeling" are made-up words to describe the frequency our brain waves are vibrating and emitting.

😊 Your emotions become your mood
😀Your mood becomes your temperament
😁Your temperament becomes your personality.
Protect your emotions!

"Success is not the harvest you reap but the seeds you sow" Erik Lawson

How does a champion handle disappointment?

Chin up! 😉
Chest out! 🕴
Deep Breath! 🧘‍♀️
Train Harder! 🏋️‍♂️⛹️‍♂️

😳Do you ever feel like you're failing and/or you're confused on which direction to go next?

Do worry about it! I've been there.

When things are going all wrong, don't quit🤢! One thing is for sure, quitting is the real problem.

You can succeed🦵. Take it from my experience!

Don't quit🙏! The first thing I do when things are not working correctly is review my numbers.

👨‍🔧If you are wanting to lose weight you have to step on the scacle.

If you want to fix your finances you need to review your credit card statment and find out exactly where every penny goes.

If you want to go on vacation you need to first pick your local airport 🛫 and then the destination.

The same is true for success in business.

👨‍🏫Sucess in business has a simple place to start and place to finish. You need to know your numbers.

The numbers always look the same no matter the business.

1. Number of names on your list
2. Number of leads
3. Number of prospects
4. Number if appointments
5. Number of people who show up for their appointment
6. Number of presentations
7. Number of sales
8. Number of testimonials
9. Number of referrals

Bonus numbers to know:
10. Average sale price
11. Rentention rate- percent of current customers who have a future appointment on the books
12. Percent of date base seen within the last year

🚀 If you know these numbers you know where you are starting. To see major improvements look to focus on improving by specific numbers you can contol.

🎯If you are a great closer look at all the numbers before number of sales.

🧮 Success is in knowing your numbers!

I believe you were born to be a leader 🤗 and possess all the necessary skills and traits😎.

👉 You are also correct to believe that you have a lot of work to do, and there are alot of interuptions in your time. So why read another post like mine? 🤯

👉 You should be assured this post is worth every second you spend reading, and I will prove it to you.

In a recent study of the return on investment of investing in leadership training, participants found for every $1 in value paid the return was $6 in tangible benefits (Rhos, 2015).

This means that if your time is currently worth $20.00 per hour and you study the information for 10 hours you would have invested $200.00 worth of your time into this information.

According the Rhos’s study, the benefits you will receive will be greater than or equal to the value of $1,200.00.

🤑 Would you invest $200.00 to make $1,200.00, if you had 0% risk of losing the money?

I know I would take my chances with that investment everyday of the week.

🥳 If you want to increase your income invest in yourself. Spend the time to learn leadership.

I have said that leading a team is like parenting a child👶. While it's not the exact same you can think of parenting as coaching and the lines become closer💞. I have been known to tell my leaders on my team that the job of a leader is to stand in the GAPS of 🕳 bad parenting.

While I say this toung and cheeck, I do mean that people do not learn eveything from their parents and sometime we carry with us traits our parents tought us without intention👨‍👩‍👦.

It is in my nature to provide you more value than you thought possible.


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