What is a Value Goal?

A value goal is a goal that is based on your personal principles or standards of behavior; your judgment of what is important in life. The value goal triangle was originally developed for my own personal use. I have always been a goal setter but I wanted to understand why some goals are not reached. I also wanted to understand why others are reached with little effort. I designed the value goal triangle over years of research because I believe people need a simple way of understanding to master leadership. This accomplishment of mastering leadership is foundational for great management and reaching your personal goals.

I believe a lot has been written about leadership; managers often struggle to reach organizationally established goals. The value goal triangle has a specific design that guides your critical thinking to establish a plan for achievement. Bottom line: understanding the value goal triangle gets you big results!

Value goals are a combination of your personal values and goals. They are formed by knowing why you set goals and why you hold certain values. Value goals are the top goals you have for your life and are a practical guide to refining your goals for achievement. You can improve your ability to lead using value goals. Beauce you are setting value goals, you will realize these value goals define who you are. They are a discovery process that measures your priorities, character, and relationships.

Management, time, costs, and scope make up the structural components of your value goals. The combination of these components forms the structural systems for your value goals. For instance, the combination of your management philosophy and your understanding of time becomes your time management system. Your understanding of time married to what things costs become your objectives. Lastly, when you combine the components of costs and scope you get your ethical foundation. This is the ethical foundation system you run your life with.

Combining your structural systems builds your structural plan. For instance, focusing your time management system on reaching your objectives is the plan to achieve your goals. In addition, your ethical foundation system combined with your objectives becomes the roadmap to your personal values. When you combine your values and your goals you get your top value goals. These are your goals defined with why you want to accomplish them. As you can see value goals shape your focus.

You take into consideration the requests of everyone in the form of a scope. These people may be your friends, family, coworkers, or anyone who has asked you to do something. Your responsibility is to clearly identify the scope and align these inputs with your personal values. These decisions to act or not act are filtered by your ethical foundation.