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What's the Newest, Freshest Approach You Bring to Leadership, in a Social Media World?

If companies can measure their customer engagement through social media, can they also measure employee engagement? “Social media channels enable brands and companies to engage with consumers on their own terms, when they want, at work and play, through their chosen channels” (Stone, & Woodcock, 2013).

It was 3:00 pm and I get a call from another department manager. “Nathan, I can't get my staff to do their job,” he said in frustration! “How vague,” I said. It is probably because you are trying to control your staff vs. influence them. Next, I asked a question, “How involved are you, with your staff, on social media?” Social media is the new relationship building.

While I definitely believe managers should keep their professional distance, it is important to engage your team in the social conversation. Of course you should check with HR and your direct supervisor before you proceed, however today's teams communicate via social apps like facebook, slack, twitter, and LINE. “Organizations make use of communities to increase productivity and share expertise across global teams” (IDO, RONEN, KRAVI & BARNEA, 2016).

  • You can start each day with an engaging post
  • You can measure your team engagement to your job based on the energy you receive on the required "approved" social media platforms
  • You can use engaging language and ask for responses 
  • You can have team members post successes or share testimonials
  • You can share photos and ask quick questions 
  • Playing team games
It’s not time to fight the new generation on the social media, it is time to embrace your social influence. Think about the hundreds of blog articles about engaging your customers via social media. Most of the techniques work to engage your staff. The wonderful thing about social media and the correct utilization for team building is that it documents the progress, so it is important to be mindful about the culture you create online and off.


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Nathan Bush, MBA, NALP is the leadership and influence expert for real estate professionals. He is the Senior Property Manager for Affinity Property Group and a licensed Missouri Realtor. Nathan’s book Leadership Coaching as a Strategy for Employee Development serves real estate professionals and property managers to break the “Cycle of Resistance” facing their organization. For more information visit: and download his book for free.

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