Values Define Our Personal Brand

In 2005, 10 years ago, I was on the Executive Board of a Lindenwood Student Organization. We thought it was time to implement a rewards system that would further ingrain these six values in all the students that went through the program.

We thought of these six awards:

Highest Scholar Award (highest grade point average) – Education
Heat Award (person who did the most volunteer hours) – Charity
Campus Citizenship Award (Person that demonstrated the best integrity) – Respect
Valued Leader Award (high leadership skills) – Leadership
Prompt and Prepared Award (On time and prepared)- Time
Committee Award (Best Committee) – Teamwork

Having specific “VALUE-GOALS” to achieve each semester created a different culture in that organization. The new culture was focused on these 6 values. This rewards system was also a perfect demonstration of how to set VALUE-GOALS. If a student wanted to win an award they automatically knew the value that was attached to their goal.

This value goal rewards system engaged students that were once disengaged and inactive members of the organization. The key to their engagement was the VALUE-GOALS they had to set to accomplish these awards.

Every goal I set has my personal values attached. Values help me accomplish my goals with promptness, purpose, and efficiency. The goal becomes important enough to be obtainable when you attach personal value to your goal.

These personal values are your professional brand. There are a lot of resources about building your brand, and a lot of different resources about setting goals. A value goal is the personal brand based goal.
Every personal development book you read will explain the importance of goals. You need to set goals. You need to complete goals.

Why set any goals if they do not have meaning. Setting purposeless goals are the main reason why some successful people feel incomplete. They are not living a life filled with purpose. I could accomplish unfulfilling goals, but why? Unless I attach a VALUE to that specific goal.

The difference between an idea and a value-goal is that an idea is a desire to do something. A VALUE GOAL is based on your core principles and is a measurable something that (if not accomplished) will tear on your personal foundation. This means that you personally would be willing to put the necessary about of effort into accomplishing this goal.

What are your core values?