How to Help a Real Estate Professional Overcome a SELF-DESTRUCTIVE ATTITUDE

Last week a Realtor was down on her luck. In addition, this was affecting her performance. Every conversation was full of negative and depressing comments. All she seemed to find was negative in everything. She was looking and listening for reasons to be upset and she found them.

The truth is that correcting a depressed person is like throwing feathers against the wind. All the feathers can do is blowback at you. Not much was changing, and I was beginning to wonder if I picked the right career. I could not get her out of her depression.

Then I had a simple idea. Out of nowhere, this simple idea came to me. I said to her, “Why don’t you e-mail me one thing you accomplished today and every day for one week.”

You would not believe the difference! Just seeing all the emails at the end of the week changed her entire perspective about life. The way to overcome a self-destructive attitude is to realize that YOU are a GREAT person. You are capable of accomplishment. You make a difference.

When she was shown all the things she had accomplished she started looking at the successes. She was no longer being self-destructive. When you can focus on your successes people will see you as a more positive person, and you will see yourself as a more positive person.

There are three tips for overcoming a self-destructive attitude.

Focus on your successes – Write down your successes for one week. They do not need to be big wins. If you write I got out of bed today that is strong enough. At the end of your week review them. (In the past)  

Focus on your perfect future – Write down your perfect future. If you had to write down your perfect future what would it look like? If it were exactly the way you want it, what would your future be? Write this down. Even if you don’t know, make a decision about what your life would be like. You may not know, but if you had to make this decision, what would your life look like? The reason is that successful people are focused on the future. Most can even remember what happened yesterday. They are so focused on the future and what they want that this focus can pull them out of the current situation. (In the future)

Focus on your gratitude – Write down things that you are thankful for. Think about something that is frustrating for you. Next, focus on why you are grateful in this situation. (In the present)

Shifting your focus to the positive things in your life, saturate your thoughts.  
Think about this!!!!

Is it a bad day or do you see it as a bad day?