7 Big Advances in My Career This Past Week

Big advances in my career have been happening. I am excited about a couple of projects I have been working on. I appreciate everyone’s attention. If you are like me then you would know that time is the most important commodity on the planet. Typically my posts are research based informative posts about leadership techniques or influence techniques that help to establish you as the authority. They are typically shortcuts to the 12 year journey I have been on. This post is just an update on some of the success I have had in just the last month in gaining in my though leadership platform.

  • 1.       Realtor Magazine – I am really excited to announce that I have submitted my fist article to Realtor Magazine. I hope the editor likes the content. It is an article about ensuring contractors are protecting your brand.
  • 2.       Twitter – On Friday I had 211 followers and as of right now I am at 279. I need one more to make it 280 followers. 68 follower on twitter gained in one weekend. No magic sauce or secrete formula just thankful.
  • 3.       Social Influence Institute – I am considering launching an online course under the social influence institute. The course would provide information about building your social influence. This will be a big project if I undertake it, but I already have the website built.
  • 4.       Blogger- This past week I felt very proud when I helped another fellow expert Dennis Biggs (Radiation Brachytherapy) add an auto-responder to his website that automatically sent out a preview of his book. In addition we were able to add the cover of his book and the link to the form on the right hand side of his site.
  • 5.       Speaking - I have submitted an abstract to speak at the National Apartment Association Conference. I hope my topic is selected. You never know if you are going to be selected for these type of nation conferences. Building credibility and influence takes a lot of time.
  • 6.       Positive - This past week I feel more positive and successful. I know that there are low-low’s in people’s lives. I have been there; I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by a group of close friends that have offered me support and guidance.
  • 7.       Blogging ideas – It is not always easy to come up with “how to approach you” with a blog on a routine schedule. It is a long form content platform. I have witnessed a trend to video content and more audio content. I am wanting to continue to develop this long form content for you. One of the things I am considering is interviewing successful influencers in the field of real estate and property management. If you know someone who would be good to be featured with this blog or that you would like to read about, please let me know. Bush.nathan.nb@gmail.com

Growing your knowledge is a passion of mine. I am always motivated when I read comments and see my content shared, liked, tweeted etch. You can position yourself and build your professional portfolio as well. A career is different from a job, and a true professional finds ways to build expertise. I hope to continue to deliver value to you and thank you for reading this post.  

What are your career wins this past week (Share the good news below)?


Nathan Bush, MBA, NALP is the leadership and influence expert for real estate professionals.  He is the Senior Property Manager for Affinity Property Group and a licensed Missouri Realtor. Nathan’s book Leadership Coaching as a Strategy for Employee Development serves real estate professionals and property managers to break the “Cycle of Resistance” facing their organization. For more information visit: www.nathanbushmba.com and download his book for free.