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10 Things I Learned This Week

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In feel compelled to share 10 things I learned this week. As random as they are they may answer leadership questions you are having as a realtor.

1. People learn more from failure than from success. Most media presents the exception to this rule. Try understanding why projects fail, you failed, and others are failing. You will learn much quicker.

2. Sometimes it takes 10 years to reach your goal. Persistence pays off. Stay committed to your goals. If you stop, quit, or give up you have a 100% chance of failure.

3. Not everyone is going to like you. I found out this week for the first time that it took 6 months for someone to understand why I require certain things and why I push more in certain areas.  It is okay if people do not like you. You may be helping them more than they realize.

4. You can get significantly more productivity out of your staff when you set one goal for the day and when it is reached stretch to the next round number. Let's say you ask for 15 appointments to be set as a team. Then by 2 pm you reach that goal. You ask everyone,  "can we get to 20?"

5. Growth comes when you are uncomfortable. The times you feel way over your head are the times you are growing.

6. People need consistency and inconsistency.

7. You can focus on two things,  but not 10. Do the one thing that is most pressing and then the next. Encourage others to help with the 8 other things on your plate

8. If you are cheap when you are broke you will be cheap when your rich. Don't invest in things that are the lowest price they have the least amount of value.

9. Recruit staff who can inspire you. Focus conversations on solutions with them. Don't waste time with them because time is limited. Get the maximum value from your time. Look for ways to help them succeed.

10. Start a mastermind group. The best way is a conference call. Be selective in who you let join your group. Mastermind groups are a hidden tool utilized by the most successful. Mastermind groups are different from networking. They provide weekly opportunities to share failures and successes. 

They let others utilize these tests to make changes in their own businesses. This is where you can learn and asks questions if you need further clarification from successful people.

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