Setting Appointments With A Lightening Quick Qualification Script!

Remember that the goal of talking with every lead is to set the appointment with a prospect, NOT sell the property. I was recently working with a very bright agent. During our conversation this past week a light bulb came on for her. She is very skilled at setting appointments. She, in fact, is so skilled that over 90% of the people she talks to are setting appointments with her. In our conversation, I uncovered one small detail that, she knew, but was not making a priority. If your goal is to set appointments with prospects then you have to ensure that you are not setting appointments with unqualified time thieves.
I am a big proponent of scripting, revising, and scripting again. How do you know if what you're saying is working to close leases? You do not know your opportunity and potential unless you are scripting your phone conversation.
Scripting helps with predicting outcomes. As an Agent, I want to know my numbers. (See my previous article, “Knowing Your Leasing Numbers: The 5 ½ Critical Steps to Leasing Homes”) I want to determine how my language is effecting my numbers. All professionals are scripted.
You should make it a point to set the appointment. After setting the appointment you should immediately qualify your prospect. Your scripts should include the following 5 things:
  1. Are you speaking with the lessee or are they looking for someone else?
  2. How soon do they need to move?
  3. What is their credit, rental, and criminal history?
  4. What do they like about their current property?
  5. What has brought them to their decision to move? 5 ½ Do you have the total money to move available if I needed it today?
Scripting your questions will only help you ensure you are not wasting the prospects time or yours. In Michael Port’s book, Book Yourself Solid, he talks about the red velvet rope policy. He expresses the importance of defining your ideal clients and only working with them. Most of the work of a leasing professional is over the phone. Having the proper phone conversation, with the proper script, is the difference between successful agents and unsuccessful agents. Your battle is won or lost on the phone. The conversation you are having, while setting the appointment, is the most important conversation you will have. You should be meeting with the applicant and collecting the application if you are setting prospect appointments 100% of the time with lightening quick qualification scripts.
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