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5 Ways to Get Promoted!

When building a career it is imperative that you add value to the organization every day. Building a career with a growing company results in higher pay, less stress, and increased personal confidence, for you and the team around you. You should feel challenged in any role within your organization and sometimes a bit out of your comfort-zone. This is okay! It is in the times of uncertainty, that you are stretched and grown as a professional. 
Here are 5 things that you must absolutely do to ensure you are productive and engaged in your work environment: 

1. Discuss with your supervisors your goals, and re-commit to them daily. 
2. Understand that building a career is about asking for responsibility, even if it is outside of your comfort zone. 
3. Follow up and follow through on projects, goals, deadlines, and communication. 
4. Keep organized with your workload and workspace, s this ensures productive and measurable results. 
5. Keep your personal lives personal. Understand that while you're at work you must be at work.

In a recent article by Forbes Magazine entitled, 6 Ways to Get Promoted, the author states, "Be a silent influencer, do more than your job description, help your colleagues succeed, don’t get caught up in the political, constructive conflict, be yourself (Llopis, 2013)". A positive attitude, consistent effort and measurable output get you noticed!
The following are 3 ways to improve your productivity, and I challenge everyone to adopt these principles over the next 30 days:

1. Take you email inbox down to 0 emails. Move all emails out of your inbox and into folders. Things that you can discard get rid of. Put action items on your calendar to follow up on. Things that you need action should be followed up on right away. 
2. Keep a calendar. Calendars are not just for sales professional. Everyone should manage their workload and followup with calendars. Tasks that need to get done that can not be completed in 2 or three minuets should go on your calendar as projects, scheduled for time to complete them. Follow up with others should go on your calendar as a reminder to ask about progress. Feel empowered to schedule "On Time" where you are focused on project completion only.  Empower your co-workers to assist I covering any immediate issues while you have scheduled project time.
3. Keep cell phone usage to a minimum.  This can be a great distraction. Are you talking, texting, or phoning all day? Using your phone as a productivity tool is great at work and home, just make sure to keep your business time for business.  If your phone is not used for business purposes, then consider removing it from your desktop so that it's not a nuisance.


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