#7 Defining Characteristics of Great Leadership Coaching

Characteristic 7:  Responsive

A coach keeps a scorecard
- bosses just look at results.
Coaches keep daily score based on the goals they have. They know by the day their indicators that tell whether the team is winning or losing. As a coach you need to embrace healthy competition. Successful coaches find ways to win with the team they have. Successful coaches know who their top producers are, who improves the numbers, and who contributes to win’s. They work with these key players side by side, heavily. Coaches set the right goals with each team member.

Coaching also improves each employee’s commitment and engagement to the company vision and mission by helping them to reach their full potential, and grow to higher positions within the organization. Because stress will be lower as employee's emotional intelligence grows, employee turnover will be reduced. Coaching will push employees to improve technical skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership. As the employee's skills improve they improve financially. Leadership coaching brings out the best in employees in the same way an athletic coach brings out the best in the players.
A winning coach:  
1. Keeps score daily
2. Knows top producers
3. Works with top producers to get stronger results
4. Sets the right team goals
5. Grows the teams emotional intelligence 

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