#3 & #4 Defining Characteristics of Great Coaching

Characteristic 3: Purposeful

A coach explains their coaching philosophy upfront - bosses deal with correction
You must define your coaching philosophy, what is it? What is your personal brand. Define your expectations upfront. Spend significant amounts of time with new people explaining your mentality on customer service, decision making, time management, controlling costs, tasks that are required to get completed. By setting and establishing your expectations you are able to hold people accountable to your guidelines.  
My wife likes to tell a story about how I am firm up front and soft on the back. When we were first dating, I was not very open to divulge information about myself, in addition, I set up a number of boundaries and “rules” for the relationship. Over a period of time and getting to know her the rules become more relaxed and the structure of the relationship changed. Establishing that firm foundation allowed her to constantly be more impressed with my ability to compromise and reach joint decisions on things

Characteristic 4:  Systematic

A coach knows the fundamentals of each team member’s job 
- bosses did their job well were promoted
Successful coaches make sure their team is great at the fundamentals of their job, they practice them, drill them, and compliment great technique. You may be asking yourself how could I possibly know how to do each job. My suggestion is that you better learn each role and you better learn how to do that job well. You must know how your decisions affect the jobs to of your team. This is similar t
o when a sports coach develops a new play. They know what each player is supposed to do. What their responsibility is, and why it is important to the overall objectives of the team.
Successful coaches have a firm working knowledge of all the projects of each team member. The problem is that bosses often overload team members and assign projects the reflect poorly on the performance of the employee. This is not the case for you. As a successful coach you will have a firm working knowledge of all the projects of each team member. Great coaches know what projects each player is working on. In addition to knowing the projects, great coaches make it fun.