Putting A's in Your SMART Goals?

I recently attended the Academy of Leadership put on in St. Louis by the National Fraternity Alpha Sigma Phi. There, I was a Small Group Facilitator for the Scholarship Director Track. I worked to help establish this directors role, set goals, and better the 20 men sitting in the room.

Nothing beats the feeling of volunteering your time, learning, facilitating, and making a difference. The 20 men learned in this jammed packed 3 day event about leadership. Topics included: barriers of the position, levels of motivation, how to gain engagement in discussions, understanding their values, why they wanted the position, what is a goal, SMART goals, and much more. 

One of the things I learned at the this event was the importance of the A in SMART goals. You should really set 3 goals in an effort to gain momentum. The A1 goal is the easiest goal. One you know you could pretty much do with little effort. The A2 goal is a medium goal. You could accomplish this goal, but it definitely takes some effort. Lastly, the A3 goal is the long term goal that takes buyin and teamwork from everyone. This A3 goal is a long term look at how you want to make a difference or impact. This A3 goal is the shoot for the moon goal. This goal may never be accomplished but makes a difference by just moving in that direction. 

My questions for you:
1. Do you work hard to set A1, A2 and A3 goals?
2. What are your A1 goals for today?
3. What are your A2 goals for this year?
4. What are your A3 goals for your life?

Interesting thoughts.