Collaboration Across Teams

One of the outcomes is a customer-service training program that is being rolled out over a three-year period across many stakeholder organizations and 43,000 employees. The Dubai Airports team is investing in training for over 39,000 people outside of their own organization, aiming to ensure behavioral consistency and therefore customer experience consistency at every possible touch point. Samya Ketait, VP for Learning and Development says, “This is a huge project, but a worthwhile one. It means that regardless of who you meet at Dubai Airports – a police officer, a cleaner, an immigration officer… you should have the same positive customer experience. Collaborating with our stakeholder leaders has made this possible.”

  • Focusing on interests rather than positions. 
  • Being an agent and a target of influence. 
  • Having clear roles and responsibilities. 
  • Sharing and acknowledging the credit. 
  • Carving out space and time to collaborate – and a mission worthy of that effort. 

Collaborate Across Teams, Silos, and Even Companies