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4 Unique Ways to Improve Patient Care

According to the Journal of Healthcare Information Management “Leadership in Health IT”) 86% of healthcare mistakes result from administrative errors. The patient's experience is one of the most important parts of any practice. The patient’s experience translates into income for the practice through repeat business and positive word of mouth referrals. A negative experience can become negative online reviews and furthermore poor care of people.

One suggestion is to be more proactive: “One of the best ways to do that is to solve your customer’s problems before they realize they exist (Carpenter, 2014).” Being more proactive can be a great starting point of thinking through your patient experience from the patient's point of view.

Become more available: Today’s patients want instant access to information. As you are their healthcare provider, they want instant communication with you. Allowing your patients to contact you in a variety of different ways, helps the patients to feel more care. “Instead of adopting a multi-channel approach, go omnichannel and allow your customers to interact with you and be serviced via any channel. It eliminates disjointed systems and interaction silos between various departments (Gautam, 2017).” Time is of the essence. The more available you are the more likely you are to improve the patient's experience.

Don’t assume you know: Your team has great input. Starting with your team will improve the overall experience with your patients. “Ask the assistants, nurses, technicians and doctors — the "boots on the ground" — what's working well, what's not and what can be improved, both from a patient experience and workflow perspective (Yamazaki, 2017).”

Make it look nice: A quality experience starts with a quality visual appearance. What does the interior look like? What does your team look like? Are your offices clean? If you can, buy the best furnitiure you can afford, buy the best equipment, buy the best desks. Make sure it all coordinates. “Patients will judge your practice before they even meet you. Making a good impression starts with a well-designed, patient-friendly website where the public can learn about your practice: including your mission; the credentials of your physicians; the range of services you offer; your location(s) and office hours (Capko, 2015).” Your patients will enjoy a clean, inviting, and relaxing environment.

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