Healthcare Professionals Are Afraid to Hit The Record Button With Fear of Not Looking Perfect

Why Video Establishes Authority and Builds Credibility When You Click “Post”
At the age of 10 years old her mother passed away. Sadden and grife stricken, this young lady moved in with her Dad and Stepmom. An event like this would stunt most 10 year olds, but Chelsea Dickinson has a unique story line.

Her stepmom just so happens to be one of the leading life coach experts in the world. From age 10 through age 23 today, Chelsea has been on an adventure from yoga classes to mindfulness retreats. By profession Chelsea is a “life coach”, and by passion she is a confidence coach for teen girls and millennial women.

Previously a personal trainer for her company, Fulfilling Fitness, she was her own boss, so stepping out into confidence coaching for her personal brand was a natural transition. As marketers, it is our job to paint the result in the mind of the patient or client. Chelsea stated, “I am passionate about transforming the lives of young women. I know that confidence is not a coincidence.”

Her first roadblock in her own journey to confidence was building a client base. She had physical training clients but feared her age was a limiting factor for life coaching. She struggled to figure out her pricing structure and dealt with fears that held her back from stepping into the world of life coaching.

Chelsea knew that to find her target market, she needed to establish credibility and authority. In knowing so, she started making Facebook videos. At first, they were pre-recorded videos with well thought out content...practically verbatim. One of the things she learned through the process is that it’s okay to make mistakes in front of people. These mistakes are important to authenticity, vulnerability, and connection. “Credentials are obvious, they aren’t something you have to explain or convince people of. If you know your stuff, walk your talk (and be honest about it), people will follow.”

Create Video Content: If you are thinking people are going to hate what you record, get out of your own way and publish it anyways. Chelsea’s advice for anyone in healthcare is that people want to know you are an expert at your trade...not at making videos. It isn’t important for you to have the best video equipment or best video production. In her Facebook videos she shares her struggles with stress, money, insecurities, dating, and more...where everyone can relate!

Find Referral Partners: The next step in Chelsea’s search for clients, was to find trusted referral partners. Having these partners was essential in building her credibility. These were professionals in her local community that could recommend her service. She has one-on-one meetings with referral partners and follows up with them weekly.

Everything clicked for Chelsea once she had video content she could share with referral partners. They could then share her content via social media and reach individuals in need of confidence coaching she would’ve never crossed paths with otherwise. These videos established the visibility and the referral partners helped create credibility.

Start thinking of video content as your brand messaging, the referral partners as your telemarketers, and social media/websites as your lead capture tool.

Chelsea offers a complimentary, 60 minute discovery session where millennials and teens cultivate inner confidence. You can book a 60 minute discovery session by calling (314) 609-8707, emailing, or reaching out to her via Facebook.

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