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Healthcare Marketers Increase Revenue Through Authentic Speaking Without Tricks, Tactics, or Bribery

Speak From the Heart About the Heart

Tell your story, and stop trying to give the perfect presentation! Kelly Kimberlin of Connect with Your Inner Badass says, “During my speaking engagements, I was trying to be like everyone else, and I was feeling like Charlie Brown’s teacher.” Then Kelly made a change, she started just telling her story and speaking from the heart.

Something amazing happened, people started connecting with her and enrolling in her programs. When Kelly was a little girl she wanted to be a Psychologist. Her father told her that she could not be a psychologist because, “She was a girl.” Kelly’s father told her lots of things that he believed differentiated women from men. She carried these thoughts with her for years, even into her marriage.

One day Kelly had a minor awakening, she drew up the courage to tell her husband she was unhappy and they closed down two of his businesses right away so she could pursue her passion of helping women ages 35 - 55 years old connect with their inner badass. Her awakening was a reversal of her limiting beliefs. Many of these limiting beliefs she held for over 30 years of her life.

In Kelly’s presentations she often says that, “Everybody has a soul purpose. If we don’t follow it, we miss-out, and the world misses out.” What is interesting is that she may or may not say it in every presentation. What is consistent in every presentation is her technical approach to gathering leads.

At the end of her presentation she does two things. These two things are so powerful that the simple implementation of these two lead generation techniques will drastically improve your conversion rates of all participants at every speech. You will be converting more of the presentation participants to revenue opportunities if you just do two simple things, and they are not aggressive to the prospects, but are aggressively subtle.

First she utilizes feedback slips. The following image is actually used at the end of every presentation:

The beauty of the feedback slip is in the simplicity of the design and information. You are asking them to provide their contact information, but only if they want too. They check the box that is most appropriate for them. This slip does 90% of the heavy lifting of setting appointments.

The second thing Kelly utilizes to help her garner prospects is her electronic business card through Whenever someone asks for a business card she gets their cellphone number and texts them her electronic business card. You can view a copy of her business card at

So what we can learn from Kelly? It takes three things to turn your speeches into prospects. First you must speak authentically and make sure it comes from the heart. Second you have to have an ask towards the end of the presentation for an appointment. Kelly utilizes simple slips that come across subtle, but still ask for the level of interest of the prospect. Lastly, Kelly connects via her electronic business card while gaining access to cell phone numbers of her prospects in her target market.

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