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You Must Love Helping Your Clients Achieve Healthy Lives

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to work with your ideal clients? You must have strong copy. Your client base would need to share that copy because they were engaged with the content. They would need to be so engaged that they spread your message to others. They would feel compelled to share that copy with those who need your service? Targeting your clients through Facebook can be simple if you know your way around Facebook’s policies and algorithms.  

When Eva Stottler first started in her Nutrition Coaching Business (and marketing this healthcare service) she started receiving clients right away. She quickly found her opportunity. Not every client was, as Michael Porter puts it in his book, Book Yourself Solid, within her Red Velvet Rope Policy. A Red Velvet Rope Policy for your practice is a policy that states, “You ONLY work with clients that inspire and energize you.” After filling her practice with all types of clients she knew that there was a specific type of client that she could best serve.

Going Through a Brand Transition

Eva started her business without knowing who her niche market would be, therefore struggled with branding and marketing.

“My foundation in my practice was weak, I started by taking any and all clients. I did one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and online training.”.  She enjoyed working with all of her clients and supporting them in reaching their health goals, however she knew that honing in on her niche market would enable her to create a strong program and community among the clients she served.  

She reported, “I am going through a transition in my brand, I am moving towards working with my ideal clients. Now that I am more focused, I have found a new passion for my business and I am really excited about the launch of my signature program.”

One of the challenges Eva reported was, “Keeping up with both the advances in nutrition/healthcare, and the trends in healthcare marketing.  It is difficult to keep up with the new marketing strategies and the constant changes with Facebook.” According to Eva, in her experience, Facebook does not like when your marketing is super specific and calls out your target market.
Their algorithms limit advertisements with a lot of “you” and “your” in the copy. Some Facebook advertising copy can be limited if Facebook’s algorithm views it as “To targeted” to specific demographics, Eva explained. Her advise,  you should review Facebook's official rules for more information. If you bring up certain challenges that your target market may be experiencing, things they actually say, Facebook may shut down your advertisement before it even ever posts.

Eva focuses less on paid traffic and works at better engaging her organic reach. She tries to get her regular posts to get good traction with her prospects or audience.  

How to Write A Facebook Post That Converts to Revenue
In January 2018 Eva had 65 people sign up for a beta course (Trial Program) she launched, with no thanks to the limiting Facebook algorithm. She was thankful that her followers online were willing to share the posts.

She said that to write these posts, she spent time listening to her target market in groups. Next  she learned to use their words in her posts. If her ideal clients had concerns, worries, or problems, she tried her best to put a positive spin on the langue. If they said, “They were tired after working all day,” and “Caring for their children, or worn out,” she tried to reframe the language in her posts to say, “If you want to live with more energy and feel full of life after working all day and caring for your children….”

Eva has a three year goal of creating an online community of thousands of amazing women worldwide who have gone through her nutrition programs and continue to support each other on their wellness journey.  Eva says, “Powerful copy happens when you learn to speak the results, not the problem.” Eva is very excited about her new program that will help women address the 5 pillars that she believes lead to creating a “Happy, Healthy, Balanced Life” In her program, she will support busy overwhelmed woman, improve their diet, fitness, sleep, stress and emotions/mindset. As a result, she hopes they will go from just surviving, to THRIVING through their life!

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